Photographer Shane Maritch has worked with casting directors, talent managers and agents to learn exactly how to get the shot that gets you called in. The actors he has photographed are working and their pictures are working for them. Shane says, “I absolutely love being a photographer. I get excited when I know I am getting great shots and I am so happy when actors call me and tell me they got called into an audition from the picture I took.”

His wife & business partner, Nyle Lynn Maritch, is a professional actress & acting coach. Her students are working on Broadway. Hit TV shows and Hollywood films. She has also coached talent for successful admission into prestigious acting programs. Nyle is a compassionate, supportive coach who knows the industry inside and out. She is an asset to any actor & Shane’s right hand gal.

The combination of Shane Maritch’s artistic mastery in the area of photography and videography, lighting and sound along with, his wife, Nyle Lynn Maritch’s expertise as an acting coach and director provides actors with their dream shoot. Working with these two passionate artists will add momentum to your acting success that is unmatched by any other studio in New York City. You will not only leave with great headshots & an awesome speed reel. You will understand the industry more deeply and will be prepared to present your best self to casting professional. You will be able to start living your dream!




Everyone in the showbiz industry knows that the headshot is an actor’s calling card. So it is essential to have a great, professional photo that looks like you, on a good day. However, in this internet age your photo is more important than ever because if they don’t click on your picture then they aren’t going to see your reel and other media. So the new question is: Are your pictures clickable? With casting director, and agents receiving thousands of submission a day the competition is intense. Make sure you have engaging, honest headshots that capture your acting range and castability. Get clickable pics with Shane Maritch Photography today.



The business facts are that many preliminary auditions are done via video now and on casting websites your submissions without video often get pushed to the bottom of the pile. Sometimes there are 2000 submissions that you are up against. So even if your headshot is great, you also need excellent video of your talent.

Let’s face it, two year old’s have youtube channels so if you don’t have professional quality video on the web it’s like you don’t even exist. Why a speed reel? Casting directors are no longer looking for a long acting reel but rather short speedy clips that show your castability. They are pressed for time when making their casting decisions so they need to know right up front if you are the actor for the role. We all know you only have a few seconds to make a first impression. Make a great one. Make a smart one. Make a speedy one, with Shane Martich Speed Reels Today!


What clothing should I bring?

Solid colored jeweled tone shirts with different necklines such as a collar, v-neck  and a scoop neck. Look at the picture for example colors. Pick colors that compliment your completion, bring out your eyes or are just your favorite. Avoid white unless used as an undershirt for layering. Also avoid anything with patterns, decals or shimmery material. All of your shirts should fit you well be clean and ironed. Your headshots are all about you, your eyes, your smile, your energy. Your clothing choices should never detract from that.

Is there a hair and make up artist there for the whole shoot?

Definitely. She will be right there for anything that comes up and will assist you when changing your look for different specific markets.

Can I have a consultation before i make up my mind?

Of course! I’m happy to give you a free consultation. We will have a sit down, and discuss your career goals and what kind of headshots will serve you best. This gives us a chance to get to know each other a bit. Then when you choose to book me for your shoot you will be very comfortable. This way we will get the best shots of your true self, and you will be relaxed and present in your photos which is what casting directors want.

I want to book a shoot. What should I do?

To book your appointment now, make a $99 deposit via Paypal™ by clicking the “Pay Now” button below then call Shane @ 917-907-0946 or email him via the contact page to schedule your time. Your balance is due the day of your shoot in cash, Paypal™ or via Square™. No refunds. If you have any questions please feel free to call Shane. I am very flexible and will work with you.




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