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Shane and Nyle,
Can't say enough about the quality of my headshots and my short. I continue to submit footage from my short for projects at all levels – always with good results. Paired with my awesome headshots, my appointments have increased dramatically – including a few Network bookings!
We discussed the direction that I wanted my career to take, tailored the material and the headshot session accordingly, and had a wonderful time with the process!
The key factor that separates Shane and Nyle from many projects I've been involved with is the production quality from top to bottom. Direction, shooting, lighting and sound are in good hands, and the end product will always look fantastic!

by Maceo Oliver

I’ve been in the biz a long time and have taken multiple headshot sessions. I use to retouch headshots for a living and worked with many photographers. No one makes me feel more like me than Shane Maritch. I feel so relaxed during our sessions and he takes the most honest yet gorgeous pictures of me. And, his wife, Nyle Lynn is a pro. The two of them together are like a dynamic duo who understand the importance of marketing one’s unique qualities in this competitive business. And, I get so many different types out of 1 look because of their creative use of space, angles and lighting. It’s the best bang for your buck when it comes to getting all you need for submissions and websites.

by Tiffany Hodges

The Maritch’s have put me on tape for many of my auditions. Nyle is the coach I call the minute I get a script.

by April Lee Hernandez-Castillo

Hey Shane,
How are you? I just had to thank you again.  I have never had sooooooooo many auditions with any other photos than I’m having with these.  I drop your name every chance I get. Take care.

by Yvonne Lewis

I have gotten called in again and again from my Speed Reel Clip, and booked jobs from it. I even have a film in Cannes this year and a new talent manager!

by Yerania Del Orbe

Thank you for your incredible work on Saturday. I felt so comfortable and appreciated your kindness. The photos look great!

by Amy Thomason

I got called by a casting director in LA to audition for the lead in a pilot from my Speed Reel!

by Brittany Olinkiewicz

Nyle is an amazing acting coach. I have have booked many roles since working with her. One of them was a pilot and it just got picked up! Look for me on TV this Fall!

by Hayley Raphael

Hey Shane,
Thank you and Nyle again for a great session last week!  You both were terrific to work with and created such a relaxed atmosphere, between your personalities and the music and the pacing of the session.  I’m really happy with how the shots came out. I’ve been getting a lot of good feedback from friends and directors. Thanks so much!

by Jessica Ritacco

Shane, great job on the shoot.  First time I can remember having multiple choices!  Thanks again to you and Nyle.

by Brian Tracy

Hope you are both well. I have been getting RAVE reviews on my headshots and have been recommending people like crazy! Talk to you soon.

by Robert Meyer

Shane and Nyle,
Thank you both for the photo session! You were so nice and patient! The pictures are great and I am really having a hard time choosing the best ones. I came down to around 10 but if I go back to the other ones I always find one more that I like and end up switching them or adding more 🙂 I need Help!!!!! Thank you again for the great work!!

by Renata Bertelli

Hey Shane-
Thanks so much for spending the time to retouch all of these photos for me. My headshots really look awesome- and I couldn’t have been happier with the whole process. Best wishes to you and Nyle.  Hope we can keep in touch and would love the opportunity to work with you guys again!

by Drew Stark

Thank you SO MUCH for today, and the beautiful headshots. They are unbelievably fantastic. I posted some on Facebook and am already receiving great feedback so far.  Thank you so much for this. You are both WONDERFUL!!!

by Jason Marks

Hi Shane,
I just want to say “thank you”. Today was such a great day and it would not have been possible without you and Nyle. It was a day of such novel experiences which seem to promise new realms in the world of photography for me. Thank you.

by Les Mento

Hey Shane… Hey Nyle,
It was a great-a life changing experience working with the two of you.  It’s not just the photo, but the process that takes your career to the next level after a session with you. I am thankful and forever in debt to you.

by Kendell K. Lee





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