To take you acting career to the next level now book your appointment by making a $99 deposit via Paypal™ by clicking the “Pay Now” button below then call us @ 917-907-0946 to schedule your time. Your balance is due the day of your shoot in cash, via Paypal™ or Square™. No refunds. If you have any questions please feel free to call us, we love talking with actors and are here to support you in all your artistic endeavors.



Acting Coaching $99/hr-  

Nyle Lynn Maritch, is an acting coach & director. Her students are working on hit TV shows, in Hollywood films and on Broadway. She coaches actors new to the business and working professionals. Nyle Lynn is a compassionate coach who will support you ever step of the way. Here students love her and are getting called in, called back, and booked after coaching with her. Nyle Lynn’s rate is $99 per hour. She can coach you on anything and everything and has even helped students gain admittance to prestigious schools such as The Actor’s Studio MFA program, pilot auditions with top networks, and the New York International Fringe Festival. You deserve the support you need to live you dream. Contact Nyle Lynn now.

Two Actor Reel Scenes – $999

For the ambitious actor who is ready to invest in their career we custom create customized film and tv style scenes that showcase your talent and castable range. You are then coached to your best performance by Nyle who has coached all of our actors for their reels. We take care of every detail from the first rehearsal, to the final edit. We can write the scene for you or if you have a script idea we are happy to help you bring it to life. The price for these scenes starts at $999 for a two person scene, many actors split this cost with another actor and then they both end up with great reel clips. However, you can also purchase it for yourself and we will cast another actor opposite of you who supports your talent. Of course, if it’s more than two actors and becomes more complex the price can go up from there based on many elements including rehearsal, location, shot set ups, editing time etc, but a basic 2 person film or tv scene like the ones you see on our website are $999. Please call to discuss your dream role with us!

Elite Audition Videos $199-

 We took your headshot and now you are getting called to audition. This time they want you to put yourself on tape. You want to stand out amongst the competition so you don’t want to use your laptop camera or go to some cheap studio that has bad lighting and no acting coach. You are serious about investing your time and energy into making the best impression you can on casting directors and producers and you want to have an audition video that you can upload proudly. That’s when you call us. Audition videos start at $199 for one basic scene with great lighting, awesome acting coaching, and polished make-up. If you need several scenes and extensive editing the price goes up.

Theatrical Reels-  $399

With video changing the game, even theatre actors need professional shot clips with great light and sound. Broadways shows are now casting from video submissions and so are great shows like Cirque du Soleil. So if you are a singer, a dance, a musician, or choreography and you need great footage highlighting your theatrical gifts reach out to us so we can capture your castable range on camera for audition submissions. You are going to have an amazing performance reel!

  • Headshots

  • $499

  • 3-4 hour session
  • Studio and outdoor (Weather permitting)
  • 2-4 Clothing changes
  • File of entire shoot
  • Temp Online proof sheet
  • 2 Retouched images (Light retouching)
  • Speedreel

  • $499

  • 1 Speedreel clip
  • Custom written scene options
  • Onset acting coach & direction
  • Editing (color correction, sound, cutting, etc.)
  • Version for Actor’s Access & Casting Networks
  • Version for FB, YouTube & Vimeo

Email Me at so I can shoot you a link to pay the $99 deposit.

Video Editing $99/hr-  

If you need your old reel cut down to smaller clips for sites like actor’s access or footage added to your current reel from various sources, color correction, sound enhancement etc. Or if you need your scene in a film, tv show or webisode cut up so that it features your strenghts, Shane can cover all of your editing needs.



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